rPet & Organic Cotton Camo Joggers for Women

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Upgrade your old boyfriend sweats to a more ethical version with these organic cotton camo sweatpants. We promise they are every bit as comfy, if not more.

Even boyfriend-style sweatpants for women should be made to fit women. That’s why our joggers come with a thick, drawstring elastic waistband made for female hips. They also come with pockets to stash your phone or keys - because let’s face it, no one likes a sweatpant without pockets.

Whether you are hitting the gym for your regular workout, chillaxing at the beach or going for a hike, our camo joggers for women have got you covered.   


Our organic cotton camo sweat pants are American made in the USA.  

Material: Tri-Blend Material: 50% RPET Polyester | 50% Organic Cotton